Coast to Coast Chronicles

1. Name two things you learned about another state's heritage. 4 SENTENCE MINIMUM
2. Write a POSITIVE comment about another person's Our Heritage story from 5-15 OR 5-14. 4 SENTENCE MINIMUM

Mrs. Yoshiyama - I really liked Alabama's Voki characters. I love the book To Kill a Mockingbird and books that take place in the South always interest me. The Voki characters also reminded me of the monologues everyone performed. I learned that Alabama is a Muskegon Native American word. Perfect piece of information for our Native American unit! I also learned that in the 1960's, "colored balconies" were created in movie theaters to segregate Caucasians and African Americans. I really enjoyed reading everyone's Our Heritage writing pieces. I am so proud of all students. I really loved the way Joel intertwined fantasy with real-life experiences, like the sometimes harsh treatment plantation workers experienced. I also liked the way RJ described his grandmother's clothes. There was a lot of good detail. BRAVO 5TH GRADERS!

Tyler F.- I liked the Arizona heritage because it was interesting how Spanish missonaries settled at Arizona. I also liked the comic strip that they made about the settlers. The Voki characters were pretty cool too. It was cool how they spoke about the ancient times and how their eyes followed the arrow. I liked Dillion's heratige piece because it showed how his great-grandmother felt about leaving Japan. It really shows a lot of feeling. I also liked Tyler's heratige because of how he spoke like his grandfather. I also liked how he explained what his grandfather was like.

Alex U.- I liked the Alabama culture because they told a lot about the moundville. It had a lot of detail in it. I learned that it was made out of 26 small mounds and 2 big mounds. What I learned from Arizona's culture was that the pilgrams bought the land from the spanish. In Mrs.Yoshiyama class everybody did a great job. I really liked the story about Raizo Kodani! The indy Greek festivle sounds so fun I want to go there one year. The stories in Maine are really nice. Your elders sound like really nice people. Wow! The weather does sound wacky in New Hampshire. I van't beileve that Turner was the first to drive on the the Nascar circuit. Everybody on coast to coast cronicles did a great job!

Sydnie - I learned a lot of Alabama culture. I learned that the Creeks were the largest group of Native Americans in Alabama. I also learned that they built their homes out of mud and grass. I also learned that Creeks clothes was out of abbots, fox, coyotes and bears. The Creeks ate deers, fish, and turkey. Everyone in 5th grade did a wonderful job about their families Heritage! I really like how RJ describe the airplane when his grandparents came to Hawaii. I also like when Noa's uncle brought her a dog and took it to the park. I also like Miki's Heritage because I like how she describe the boat. I really like how Jacey was like her great- grandma

Allyson-I learned a lot about Indiana culture I liked how the had the Indi festival. When I get older I would like to go to Indiana and go to a Indi festival. I also liked the foods they talked about. They sound delicous like the fried ravioli or the pizza. I liked both classes's stories they were both interesting. But I really liked Noa's because I didn't know that she was from Japan. It's really interesting how she talked about coming here when she was five with her mom. And when she came her uncle gave her a puppy and she likes to walk Jojo at the park.

Kaycie- I learned a lot about Alabama's famous people. Like George Washington Carver. It was a really cool comic strip. I didn't know that that many people that were famous were born in Alabama. I also really like the voki's. I heard of To kill a mocking bird on T.V. it sounds really cool now that I have a preview of the book from the main character. I really liked Noa's because I never knew she was from Japan. I also like RJ's because the picture was newer you could tell what she looked like. I really like all of RJ's detail. I think a lot of the fifth grade did AWESOME! BRAVO! You did a wonderful job.

Tyler T.- I learned a lot about North Carolina and Arizona. I learned that the Charlotte Motor Speedway (North Carolina)is can hold p to 167,00 people in the stands. I also learned that it was built by O.Brunton Smith. I learned in Arizona the Native Americans were the first people to come to Arizona. I really enjoyed there powerpoint. I liked Koby's Our Heritage because he used very good vocabulary.

Kaylee T.- I learned a lot about Arizona and Alabama. I learned that in Arizona, Natives were driven out by the Spanish settlers. I learned that the Spanish settlers bought land from the natives living there. In Alabama I learned that the bus Rosa Parks was going to the Montgomary bus boycoatt. I learned that George Washington Carver found 300 ways to use the peanuts. I like Synie's our heritage because she did someone that did not live too long ago. I also like how she described the smell of his laundry. But over all everyone did a great job.

Layla- I learned a lot about Alabama. The Native Americans that lived there used animals for many different things like clothes, tools, weapons, and of course food. The Native Americans made clothes or coats out of the fur of the animals to keep them warm. They also made weapons out of the different animal parts like the feet and horns. When the Native Americans killed an animal they didn’t waste any of it. I really loved Tyler T.'s and Landon's "Our Heritage" because they were so descriptive about their grandparents and what they were going through. Both of them were in tough situations on the plantations that they were working on. I felt sad for Tyler T.'s great, great, great grandfather because he was very sick when he started working on the plantations and made it harder for him to do his work. I also felt sad for Landon's great grandfather because he would be picking pineapples for many, many hours a day with only one break. I think Tyler T.'s and Landon's writing is awesome and their pictures were nice too. To me they did really good on this project because their pieces touched me.

Kurt- Ilearned a lot about North Carolina. I like how they wrote about the charlottes moter speedway. It can hold up to 165,000 people in the stadium. I like how they added a dirt track that can seat up to 30,000 people. I like RJs our heratage because I like the way he discribed grandmother. I like the way he said she wore clothes that had holes in them. Ialso like the way he said she wore long socks.
And last but not least I like how he discribed th airplane with soft seats, it was like a house, had a bathroom, and a tv.

Ian-I learned that Alabama had a church that was destroyed by the Ku Klux Klan. There also is a place called Moundsville National Park. This is important to Alabama's heritage because the native americans thrived there. Many soldiers died fighting for Alabama's Civil Rights. Alabama also had "colored balconies" in theaters wich separated African-Americans from the Caucasians before the Civil Rights had happened. I also like Kalee T.'s our heritage story because she was very descriptive. Example, "the touch of his hands was so gentle it felt like it was never there, they were even the size of footballs". I also like how she said " the apple pie was like biting into a piece of heaven it was so sweet it was bliss". I also like the illustration of Miyoshi and Tamano standing in front of the shave ice truck.

Landon - I learned that Alabama Muskegon word. I also learned it means Campsite or clearing. Alabama also had the Tuskegee Airmen. They the first African American airmen. I thought all of the Our Heritage pieces were good. I liked how people got actual pictures of their family members. I liked Ian’s story because it was about how his grandma got captured. I also thought RJ’s one was cool because there was a guy named Jesus.

Matthew - I like Alabama’s Our Herritage. I like how they explain the boook,’’ The Watsons go o Bermingham’’ where the brother everyone hated him because of him they are in Bermingham. While his little sister was at church it was bombed, but she was at somebody’s house. Back, then the bus’s in Alabama we decott because someone name Rosa Parks did not give up her seat for a white person, so the bus driver arrested her. But, now it’s okay now. I like Tyler F’s Our herritage because he was very detailed on his report. I feel happy for his great grandma. I like Ian’s Our herritage report because their is something sad and amazing at the same time. I am glad his grandma is okay.

Susan H.- I learned tons about the Alabama and North Carolina. I learned that the Indians in Moundville, were skilled artists. I also learned that the Charlotte Motor speedway was desighned and built by O. Bruton Smith. I wished if I could go to the Charlotte Motor Speedway someday. I really liked the story of Raizo Kodani. I think it was very descriptive and funny. I also liked Jacey’s story. She was very descriptive.

Koby Murata - I learned about the Maine heritage. I learned that there was a place called Funtown Splashtown USA. That is a cool name and I would wan't to go there. I wonder what Fort Knox is but sounds pretty cool because some people sad they liked it the most. My next state I would like to go to is Maine because everyone is a wonderful place. I like how well Tyler discribed his great great great grandpa. I would feel pretty angry if I thought I had to move back when I don't have a house there. I would be pretty happy if I were to do something succsesful and saved the day. I even felt happy when Kaiyo said yes to the purposal. Really great story!

Kaylee Fujita- I learned more about Alabama. I liked how they explained things that they saw when they went to that place. They made it sound really fun. I also liked how they made their slide show because it was really nice. I thought that Noa's story was really good! I really liked how she explained how she felt and what she likes about it here and what she does here. I liked when she wrote about her dog, Jojo and how she really likes Ala Moana because it has all the things she likes. I also liked Jacey's story because she wrote it from her great grandmas perspective. I think that she was very desriptive and lots of details!!!

Reyn Miyagawa- I liked Alabama's Voki Raman God statue and information. I learned about Alabama's people like the first African American pilots. I also learned that there is a park in Alabama that shows where the Native Americans lived. I really liked Tyler T. Our Heritage!!! I liked Tyler's because he had good word choice and good detail. I also liked Tyler's story because in his story he writes like he is his great great great grandpa.
Dillon Tsubota- I learned that the spanish took over Arizona. The english settelers were probably happy. The tribes, probably not. If I were the spanish I would cut a deal with the tribes. I like Joels heratige. I thought it was funny and serious at the same time. Snobnose is a funny name. I also like Susan's one. It showed a lot of detail.

Ryan Hashimoto - I learned more about the god who made iron. It was intrensting. One question that made me wonder, is how long has it been their. Also I heard, the hoover dam, some people died during the making. I enjoy everybodys story. I think Tyler T was great because he talked about the plantation. I also think Noa's is a little different than everybodys, beacuse it was her mom. I think we sould do this again.

Britney Santos - I learned about Arizona's heritage. I learned about who was the first to come to Arizona. I thought that it was cool that they 48th state to join the United Sates. I liked that they made a comic that showed the heritage and that the native americans had to leave and the pilgrams had to leave. I like RJ's heritage story because he was very description. I like how he said that his grandma wore weird clothes and how he said the clothes had holes in them. I also like that he put when her birthday was. I think it was interesting that the grandma made friends with the stranger on the airplane.

Ethan Burigsay- I learned about Arizonia was the 48th state to join the union. And the first settlers who came to Arizonia . The first settlers are the Native Arizonias. They got kicked out of there county by the Spainsh. I also liked Indana because the said Hi my name is .... in other langauages. One of the storys Iike was because he had a lot of desciprtion on the Grandpa.I also learned new about Britney that she is part Chinese. Britney had a lot of descipition and deatil to her story. I liked RJ's because because he really put in she is living right now. I liked everyones Our herigate writings.

Noa - I really like what Alabama put on there website they had a cooking in Alabama thin and I like the Voki characters how you move the mouse and the eyes follows the mouse.Also if you click on the Voki it talks about this particular person. In 5th grade I loved everybodys all off them were great family heritage. I like RJ because he put a lot of detail to it. I also loved Tyler T I felt bad at the end for your 5+ great grandfather when he was working in thee plantation.

Adam- I liked Alabama’s voki characters and I how their eyes were moving. I learned that Birmingham had a lot of stones under it before it was built. I learned that Alabama has a lot of cooked food and they look delicious. I learned that Alabama had schools for black kids and white kids. I liked how Joel’s said “fancy finger food” and he made a character name Snobnose. I liked how he made a report into a story and I think he did a very good job. I liked how Layla described what Manuel wore. I liked her story a lot and I liked how she listed what Manuel did.

Miki - I learned about Arizona and North Carolina. I learned that Arizona was the 48th state. I also learned that it's known as manufacturing, mining, tourism. In the North Carolina, I learned that the the Charlotte Motor Speedway is 1.5 mile track. It is one of the biggest seating capacities in the whole country. I like the way RJ described about his grandmother. I was suprised when she had 5 brothers and 1 sister. I think Tyler had a good description of the plantation. I also liked Dillions story.

Jacey/Miki Moriguchi (mom) - We think that the part about the three inches of snow part (New Hampshire) was very interesting. That's because we've never, ever experienced that much snow. We also loved the part about there being about 1-2 tornadoes each year because we barely have any tornadoes. That is what we think. I like Dillon's story because it had a lot of detail and I loved how he said, "It's now or never." It sounded great!!! I also liked Allyson's piece because it sounded so natural when I said it out loud. But overall, I loved all the stories!!!!!

RJ- I really liked how North Carolina talked about the charllote motor speedway. It can hold about 167,000 people. I really liked the discripsion that they put about the charllote motor speedway. I liked the way Noa discribed the way to Hawaii. I really liked how Kurt discribed his great grandma and how she looked like. I liked how Alex showed a picture of the bento that she made. I liked the way Kacie discribed the pantation. Great job people!

Logan Cabbat/Lynette Higa (MOM) I think that Maggies story was pretty cool. Her family almost lived in maine for a centrary!!! I love to go to the beach just like here. She was really descripted on here family. It must pretty cool to live in maine but it sad that she had to move. In alexs story I liked how he describe his grandpa. I liked how in landons one he put the phraise ''butter fly's in my stomach''. I liked how kurt described her grandma face. I like how tyler maid it really him like some other people.

Joel- I learned that the Indy 500 race has been going on for 54 years! I also learned that it started in May 1957 and that they have a different theme every year. I liked the Irish festival to! At that festival there are a lot of irish things. They also have sports tournaments and entertaniment. I liked Jacey's story because she described the emotions of her characters very well. I also liked how she described how all the men were drinking and stuff. I also liked Kobys story because he described the hut very good. I liked the feelings of his character when he was walking to work.
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Things to consider when writing your response:
  1. Do you think native languages are important? Why?
  2. Are native languages an important part of culture? Why?
  3. How would you feel if you were forced to speak another language?
  4. How would you feel if your native language was a dying language?

Kaylee Fujita/Lori Fujita (mom) - I think that it's important because people might want to speak that language and I'm sure that if people that were learning that language will be sad if there is nobody to teach them. It's also a good part of that culture because each culture that I know usually has a unique language of their own. If I knew two languages, I would try to keep it alive if the language was dying just like Johnny Hill Jr. I was not aware that some of the native american languages are dying out. One just assumes that it is being perpetuated from generation to generation. I guess it is like the Hawaiian language where they are trying to have more people speak it so that it too doesn't die out. I am trying to learn my native language even though I live in the United States. Learning Japanese would make me feel closer to my culture.

RJ Clemente/Ramona Clemente (mom) - I think native languages are important because if people travel around the world, and visits Hawaii, others will not know what language they are speaking. I believe native languages are an important part of the culture because it teaches the people about their heritage. If I was forced to speak another language, I would feel good. I would feel good because if I traveled to different places around the world, I might meet other people who speak the same language. Being able to talk in the same language would help us to communicate. If my native language was a dying language, I would feel really sad. I would be sad because, like Johnny Hill, Jr., he would not have anyone to speak to. I would be forced to only speak in the most common language, English.
Alex Usami/Shellie Usami (mom) - I feel sad that many native languages are dying. The article also makes me feel happy that Johnny Hill Jr. is trying to save his native language which is dying. These native languages are important because it tells us important information about science and history. If I was forced to speak another language, I would feel frustrated because it's hard to do. If my native language was dying, I would feel left out because I wouldn't know what other people were saying. I would feel scared that other people would beat me up for speaking my native language. I hope that people can save as many native languages as possible.

Kaylee Tokumi/Jayne Tokumi(mom)-1. We think it is important because it is part of a person's culture and heritage. It was used by our ancestors for many, many years and to lose that ability to speak your native language is like losing a piece of history that may be very difficult to recover. Some things can be best described only in your native language because there may be no word in English to express yourself the way you really want to. By being unable to communicate effectively with others, you sort of lose a part of yourself and your culture. On the otherhand, I would be able to speak to other Americans without them giving me the stink eye. If a new language was forced on me at an early age, it would be part of my life and probably not bother me but as an adult I would be confused and sad. If my native language was a dying language, it would make me feel fustrated and helpless because I would not know how to make things right and it would be so sad not to be able to pass this on to future generations.

Ian Higa/Clyde Higa(dad) - Native languages are important because it is how the native people communicated with each other for many years. Their language allows them to express their beliefs, cultures, and history. It is a unique language which no other culture uses. I would feel sad if I was forced to give up the language I speak. I would have a hard time expressing myself with the new language just like Jonny Hill Jr. I would be abandoning part of my culture and heritage. I would also not be able to express my thoughts or fellings through the new language. I would feel sad if my native language was dying out. An important part of my culture and heritage is being lost.

Jacey/Miki Moriguchi (mom) - Native languages are very important and should be respected and preserved. It's really sad because the Native American people are losing their language and probably feel insulted. The European people who first came to America stole their land and speech. It is so unfair that they could be so selfish. Many times when stories are translated from another language to English details and important meanings could get lost. I would feel very bad if my language was dying out. If I was forced to speak another language, I would not do it very willingly. Our stories and legends would not sound as normal as it used to, and I would not enjoy hearing it as much.

Layla/Lyane (mom) - I think it is very sad that these languages are dying. I think that native languages are important because they help keep the culture and history alive. People use language to pass down stories, important information, beliefs, and traditions from generation to generation. And speaking in the native language keeps the true feelings, message, emotions, and meaning of what's being communicated. Without the language people would lose part of their heritage and identity and they might not even realize it. For example, I am Hawaiian and if I was around during the time when the white men first came to our islands, I would have been sad and angry because I would have been forced to speak English. I also would have been afraid that my culture and everything that goes with it would disappear. And for a long while the Hawaiian language was disappearing and people didn't really notice. But now I am glad that people are taking an interest in the Hawaiian language because like the Native American languages in the article, Hawaiian is still an endangered language. The difference is that Hawaiian is slowly making a comeback!

Matthew Hiraoka/Marlene Hiraoka (mom) – Native languages are an important part of a group’s culture and heritage. For example, I am forced to learn the Japanese language in school. It is also part of my cultural heritage. Next time I visit Japan, I will be able to better communicate and relate to the people because I am a little more familiar with their language because I am learning it in school. Living in Hawaii, I think it is important to keep the Hawaiian language alive. It is shared through many cultural presentations in the community. The Hawaiian language is being preserved and respected. It would be terrible if the native language of our state disappears. I believe that our state’s native language should live on. I hope that other native American languages live on, too.

Allyson Kuwana/Henry Kuwana{grandpa}- I think it's important that their language is saved because it is an old language. Think of it as if our language died. It is also important to them because it is a part of their culture and with it gone a piece of their culture will be lost forever. I also think it is important because it is a part of history and it's how they talked to each other for a long time.

Take for exemple, my heritage. My grandparents spoke japanese no english,so every time we visit them when I was young,I had to ask my mom to translate for me. Now that they are gone, no one in my family understand or speaks japanese. I may catch a few words now and then but not enough to carry on a conversation.

Kaycie Matsukado and Tracie Matsukado- I think Native Americans deserve to speak their own language. It isn't fair that one culture can speak their language and Native Americans can't speak their language. We think Native American language is important because if there is more Native American language we can learn more of the culture. If I were forced to speak another language I would feel bad because sometimes I might not be able to express my feelings. Plus some people in the reserve might not understand me because they will have to speak English too. If I weren't able to speak the original origin I was taught I would have a tough time learning a new one as fast as the Native American's did when they were put into the reserve. If my language was dying I would feel sad because that could mean that my culture is dying to. If that happened I would feel like there would be an empty hole inside me because my childhood I was probably taught the way of my original culture. Like the Hawaiian culture and the Native Americans their culture is dying. I wouldn't want to live the way they are with their culture dying.

Koby Murata/Joey Murata (mom) - I think native languages are important because it's a part of the history for those people. If people stop speaking the language and learning their history then everyone may not know how they came to be. Native languages are important to every culture because other people can better understand another person's culture and understand their own culture. I think Hawaii is a perfect example because there are so many different cultures that we learn about everyday and even follow their beliefs. For example, celebrating Chinese New Year, baby's first birthday, dancing hula, etc. If native languages were to die out then we wouldn't be able to experience things like these because we wouldn't know it existed. If my native language were to die out, I would feel confused, sad and mad because it would feel like no one cared about my language or where I came from. That would make me feel like I wasn't important enough. If I were forced to speak a different language, I would feel confused and angry because I have to learn a whole new language. I can't imagine what it is like to be forced to do anything because this is a free country! Tyler Fukuroda/Sheri (mom): I think the native languages are vey important because the people who speak these languages pass down their history and culture from generation to generation through storytelling. They didn't write anything down. Without these stories, one would not know much about their heritage. Also, the rest of the world would not know about these people and their culture. It is sad that the native american languages are dying because they were once such an important part of history. It is sad to think that one day these languages would be no more. If my native language were dying, a part of my heritage would be lost. I would feel mad because it would force me to learn another language. There would be nobody else to talk to. I would have a hard time fitting in. It would also be difficult for me to truly express myself.
Adam Kanno/Dennis Kanno (dad) - I think native languages are important because it can represent another culture. Native languages are an important part of culture because it can tell how people feel and what is important to them. It is also important because if it is an old language, it is valuable. I would be sad if I was forced to speak another language because I wouldn't be able to speak a language that I would want to speak. It is sad because I would have to learn a whole another language and it would take years of practice to learn the language that I'm supposed to know. If my language was dying I would be sad because there aren't as much people that can speak my language. I would be unhappy because people wouldn't understand the way I speak and what I'm saying.

Tyler Tabata/ Robyn Tabata(mom)- It is very important to have a native language because the language that you speak is important to your culture and family. It is important to have native languages in a culture because it shows that you respect the culture. I would feel mad if I were force to speak another language I was already speaking. If my language was dying I would feel sad because my language is part of my life and part of my life was dying. I would want to speak up to the people in our culture and tell them this is our language and we shouldn't be forced to change. One example was when the Japanese ruled Korea and they had to change their language to Japanese. If we were to change we would lose our identities doing it.

Britney/Romy Santos (mom) ~ Native languages are very important. This is who we are. This "is" part of our culture and heritage. It tells us where and sometimes what part of the country you're from. I probably wouldn't like the idea of being forced to learn another language, but I know I would be glad that I did. I would be really sad if my native language was dying. The future generation would have to go through the same thing as Johnny Hill Jr. We, living here in Hawaii, have learned and seen what happened to the Hawaiian people. It is very sad, especially because everything is about "politics".
Dillon/Ann Tsubotra (Mom) ~ I think is is very sad that you can't even speak your own language at all. What is you got beat up just because you speak a different language? Learning a new language isn't that bad is it? It's exactly like learning Latin or Japanese right? If you go beat up for speaking english You would feel sad. Native American Language is actually good. You will be able to communicate with other tribes.

Kurt Villa/Andri Villa (mom) - We believe that native languages are important because they show how diverse other cultures can be. Native languages also help to keep the spirit of cultures alive, and instill pride in one's ancestry. It also gives a sense of identity. We would be very disappointed if we were forced to speak another language. I don't think it is something that should be forced on anyone. Learning another language would be something that would be great to learn, as long as we were not forced to speak it. We feel that losing our native language would be extremely sad. A sense of who we are, and where we came from would be lost.

Landon Kushimi/Janis Kushimi(mom)-I think native languages are important because it keeps the culture alive. I think the languages are important because they are unique to every culture. I wouldn’t like speaking a different language at all because I have been in that experience before. At Liholiho Elementary I was put in an accelerated Japanese class because they thought I was good enough. The only thing was that you couldn’t speak English! I absolutely HATED IT! If Japanese was dying out I wouldn’t like it because that’s part of my heritage. However, I would not like to learn it because of my experience with Japanese, I also like speaking English.
Ryan Hashimoto/Hyo Hashimoto (mom)- I do think native languages are important. The reason I say this, is because they`re used to their language, and they have the freedom to talk in their own language if they want to. We think native language is very important of their culture. We think this, because they have chants that include native language, and if they don`t have the language that is in the chant, the closure their cultures to dying out. If I was forced to speak a different language, I would feel sad because I can`t express my feelings. If my own native language was dying out, I would feel sad. I wouldn`t tell my culture to others.
Susan Hasegawa and Ernest Hasegawa (dad) - I think Native languages should be kept because languages is a part of culture and if you didn’t keep your language and you spoke English, it will be boring to hear a Native American speak English every day. I feel sad for Native Americans because they were beaten up if they spoke their own language. If I was beaten up like that I would feel scared and try not to speak it in school or anywhere near Englishmen. It is very sad that languages like Chemehuevi are dying. I would feel sad and angry if my language is dying. If Native Americans language is dying, I think they should teach their kids and grandchildren their language. Hopefully more Native Americans would want to learn their language.
Reyn Miyagawa/ Tamlyn Miyagawa (mom) - I think that the native languages are very important to some people. Perhaps it is like someone trying to take my Japanese and Okinawan away. I think that native languages are important to culture because it represents their ways. Some of their ways are like their communicating, stories, race, and their life. I would feel miserable if I was forced to learn a new language because I would get frustrated on like learning and memorizing one word. I would feel terrible if our language was dying. I would feel this way because our whole culture could change.
Noa Aoki/Dad - Yes, I believe native languages are important because learning about the native languages will help us understand different cultures and history. It helps us understand our neighbors better and we can learn from them. I would feel uncomfortable and have no pride in myself if I was forced to speak another language. But I would also feel grateful to learn and expand my knowledge. I would feel sad that my native language is losing popularity and would educate those around me to build interest about the language.

Jacey/Miki Moriguchi (mom) - We think that the part about the three inches of snow part (New Hampshire) was very interesting. That's because we've never, ever experienced that much snow. We also loved the part about there being about 1-2 tornadoes each year because we barely have any tornadoes. That is what we think. I like Dillon's story because it had a lot of detail and I loved how he said, "It's now or never." It sounded great!!! I also liked Allyson's piece because it sounded so natural when I said it out loud. But overall, I loved all the stories!!!!!
Dillon Tsubota- I think that